Plastic Containers

    Corrugated Plastic Product Specifications

    Durability/weather resistant/lightweight, corrugated plastic sheet has the advantage over corrugated paper. Corrugated plastic items last for many years, in most applications.

    The United States Postal Service has used corrugated plastic trays and nesting totes for years, with many of the original items still in service.

    Corrugated plastic does not absorb water or oil and is dust-free, making the material ideal for use in pharmacies and other places where cleanliness is important.

    A few items, or thousands, corrugated plastic, cut and fabricated by Melmat, Inc. will provide utility and superior appearance

    Polypropylene (PP) is non-toxic, recyclable materials

    Thickness and Weight
    2.0 mm (0.079) to 10.0 mm (0.394)
    Weight from 0.1 lbs./sq. ft. to 0.5 lbs./sq. ft.

    Custom Extrusion Sizes
    Minimum Width: 18"
    Minimum Length*: 18"
    Maximum Width: 104"
    *Maximum length limited only by transportation and handling

    Standard Sheet Size
    48" x 96"

    Standard Colors
    White, Natural, Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, Grey, Navy, Brown, Ivory, Orange and Black
    Custom colors available upon request

    Additives / Special Requirements

    Corrugated Plastic Product Specifications